Friday, December 19, 2008

For love of a printer

As the first session of my master's program in counseling psychology comes to a close, I'm studying, studying, studying while planning a commissioned portrait. I'm a wee bit stressed to say the least.

So of course, during the printing of my last, big paper for my Basic Addictions class, my laser printer chokes. Hard.

It's an old printer--an HP Laserjet 4L--and it's a workhorse (this is before HP merged with Compaq and they had more quality control in my opinion). I've had it since 1995 or so and it's only had a problem one other time early in its career (another paper jam). So I'm forgiving when it comes to this paper jam over a decade later.

This printer saw me through countless papers, stories, scripts, letters, envelopes, labels, a novel, and more. Sure, I could have let it die and just buy a new printer which would be cheaper than the original (these guys were like $500 in the old days, if I remember correctly) and faster--but I guess I'm just loyal to this one and figure it's not wasteful if I get it fixed (no need to recycle if I can repair).

After waiting to hear from the repair people, I called them up just now to find out that the entire printer had to be disassembled to remove the paper jam. Boy, howdy. So it's going to cost me double what I thought in terms of labor hours.

Honestly, that hurts, but what can I say? I love that printer and I'm looking forward to bringing it home.

(And I'm glad I have an inkjet printer, too!)

Invite Beauty,

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