Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Commission inspiration

I get asked all the time if I really finger paint my work.

The answer is yes, I do. (I'm not sure what the point of lying about this would be.)

The other thing I get asked is if people can see me work--in person or on video.

And the answer to that is no, you can't.

The only person that's ever watched me work is my friend and fellow artist (he's a talented photographer, stained glass window maker, and fine art woodworker to be specific), Brian Carr. He saw me paint Meow and Zen in his living room (yes, with my fingers) while I watched him grind glass (not with his fingers) for his intricately beautiful Rope Starburst window.

It's different when you're working beside a fellow artist you respect and trust--you're not performing and you're not competing (at least we weren't). There was nothing to prove and nothing to display. We just did what we were good at doing.

So, I'm sorry, but for now, I won't be televising. Maybe in the future.

Anyway, I've also had many people ask me about what Miles the Cat looks like, so I offer the photo reference I used, taken by the collector who commissioned the Original Finger Painting, The Cat Who Came for Winter Solstice.

Originally, I had planned on using another reference, but then this one grew on me and I decided to use it instead, and I'm glad I did--the pose, the glance, those cute little paws--everything came together for the Japanese styled painting I was asked and aimed to do.

And there you have it!

Invite Beauty,

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