Sunday, November 09, 2008

To the dump

I've never been to the dump before.

I've seen it in movies and on TV; I've heard my friends going to the dump before.

But I, myself, have never gone. Ew.

I'm enough of a clean freak that the idea of going to the land of garbage kind of gave me the willies.

However, Brian needed to get rid of some big stuff that he couldn't recycle on the sidewalk and wasn't going to bring with him to Washington--and he needed help. So of course I agreed to go. If nothing else, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and I'll be damned if I let my fears or a gross-out factor stop me from doing something.

It wasn't that bad.

In fact, it was fun! We recycled whatever we could and threw away the rest with the help of very friendly and polite staff.

The experience did give me pause, though. This is where our garbage goes. Everything we throw "away." It doesn't just go away, it goes to a landfill like this one. There were mountains and mountains of sorted garbage. People were also throwing away perfectly fine sofas, doors, etc.

So many things.

The next time you buy something, please think twice about what that means. Instead of bottled water, you could use a reusable water bottle of your own. If you need to get rid of something that's recyclable, recycle it instead of throwing it in the regular trash.

Those mountains (or barges) of garbage are not getting any smaller, and it takes more than recycling (or not recycling) to sustain our quality of life on the planet. It takes reducing the amount of crap we bring in and chuck out of our lives!

Invite Beauty,

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