Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Star Wars" - an a cappella tribute to John Williams by ApprenticeA

I found this video on my friend Michelle's web site, unblunder (isn't that a rad name?), and loved it! You can find ApprenticeA's other videos on YouTube.
I also heartily recommend you read Michelle's blog--if I weren't lactose intolerant, I'd be squirting milk out of my nose from laughing so hard at her writing. She's witty, insightful, brave, and honest--another inspiring person I have the great fortune to know. Her blog will be linked in the right hand menu under the "Blogs to Inspire" section.

Anyway, John Williams pretty much scored the soundtrack to my childhood.

This post is also for a friend who loves John Williams and brought my attention to his work.


Invite Beauty,


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