Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Armchair (or Office Chair) Philanthropist

The Internet has changed the way most of us do things. We can now donate--for free--through a click of a button at home. How easy is that?
The Hunger Site The Breast Cancer Site
These six sites are interlinked. If you go to one site, you'll see at the top the links for the other sites via tabs. You can click and do your good deeds for the day in about five minutes.
Now imagine if everybody did that. Every day.
The Child Health Site The Rainforest Site
Please visit these sites and also link to them. Each site has a "Link to Us" section that can be found in the upper left menu. Or, copy this post or link to the post directly. You can also share this post through the Share widget at the bottom of my posts--spread the word through your social networks like Facebook, MySpace, etc. Use your voice!
The Literacy Site The Animal Rescue Site
You can find these links permanently installed in my blog on the menu to the right (scroll down). They will also be permanently installed on's Links section.
Start your morning or Internet experience by clicking on these sites; make your favorite one your home page! Think of it as your Tibetan prayer wheel, spinning entire prayers through a touch of your hand (and the click of your mouse).
Invite Beauty,

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