Friday, August 01, 2008


If you follow me on Twitter (check out the section on the right underneath the title, "In the studio..."), you can keep up with mini-updates of what I'm doing--whether it's struggling with an Original Finger Painting, promoting an art sale--or waiting for a review by humans at Blogger after having my blog flagged as a spam blog!

It's unfortunate but true. Apparently, I did something to get my blog suspended and although people could still read it, I had no ability to do anything with my blog--including post my latest painting.

This, on top of the problem that my mobile phone was having in accessing email and GPS made for almost two days of techno-frustration. Grr.

But it's all solved now and we're back on track. I'm just sorry I missed the last day of July, but here we are in the first day of August.

October is my favorite month (which I've written about in the past, as well as celebrated in my art). I'm an autumn person through and through. However, I love the name, "August." I like "Augustus" even more. "August" as an adjective means something "marked by majestic dignity or grandeur" according to Merriam-Webster and that's probably why I like the word and name (I love etymology--the study of word roots--which is a cousin for me to symbology).

Anyway, my art shows (at Pacific Thai Santa Cruz and Children's Mental Health) are coming to a possible close this month, although they've been so popular both establishments are considering extending the exhibits! More news as I find out (and reception information).

Invite Beauty,

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