Monday, August 11, 2008

Sneak Preview! Everyday goddess

I've been meaning to get to this next painting for a couple of weeks now, so it was satisfying to work for several hours and get things started. Next comes the background (yes, I work backwards).

Well, maybe satisfying is overstating it. Can I just complain one more time about how hard it is to finger paint sometimes?

Human features are the hardest. It's mostly because we're so tuned into a human face, if something's a little off, we notice it. Painting a human face also becomes an exercise in trying to imitate (on a flat canvas) how we see, not the actual thing we're seeing. Our brains fill in a lot of the details. What I try to capture is light and shapes; it only looks like a face or a figure, but all that is illusion.

This painting is based off of a photograph of a friend's friend's daughter. She looked like such a classic Renaissance goddess I thought I'd paint her as one. I love the roundness of her face, the mystery behind her smile, and the sweep of her hair.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. I have to make a decision about whether I'll be attending Art at the 'Loop, where my paintings Yeti and Sasquatch will be shown. It'd be fun, but my back isn't thrilled at the prospect of a long drive.

More exhaustive thinking.


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