Saturday, August 16, 2008

A rumble in my gallery

Today I spent several hours reorganizing, streamlining, and updating my gallery.

I've gotten rid of the Mythology, Religion, and Spirit collection/category that existed in both my
gallery and shop. Part of the reason was the duplication of a Buddhist and Buddhist Series category, and part of it was because the longer I paint, the more I understand what I like to paint--and rather than relegate Greek mythology-themed paintings to a Greek mythology-themed category, I thought it more appropriate to acknowledge it as the Greek Series and make it one of my ongoing series.

Same goes for work that meditates on Biblical (as in, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) themes. It's now my
Biblical Series.

What's not a series or category were all Original Finger Paintings categorized as First Nations inspired. I found that creating a
Bird Series better matched and clarified my interest there, and my preexisting Tiki Series already cohesively held my iterations on Oceanic indigenous art.

As for new creations, I've made a
Monster Series because I feel it's a juicy theme for me to explore, ever since I busted open with Yeti and Sasquatch. Yay for monsters and the misunderstood!

Please visit and enjoy!

Invite Beauty,


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