Monday, August 25, 2008

I Taw I Taw a Putty Tat!

Famous words from one famous Tweetie Bird!

Tweets are also what those messages are called in Twitter, an application that can be placed on blogs (check out my "In the Studio" section to your right--scroll down a bit), social networking sites, and web sites.

Twitter allows people to connect with each other through what's being called "micro-blogging"--itsy bitsy news flashes about what people want to share--what they're seeing, feeling, thinking, promoting, etc. You're only allowed 140 characters in a tweet, so it really focuses your message.

What's fascinating is the cultural effect it's having. Besides generating "Twitter haiku" (Twitterers are poets that didn't know it) and one-liners from comedians (brevity being the soul of wit and all), it's also changing the way we connect with people according to a feature I heard on NPR last night.

What does it mean to make friends because you're curious about what they're doing (in 140 characters or less), and to have communication based on these telegraphic tweets?

It's fun for me to keep readers, collectors, and fans up-to-date of what's going on in my studio or in my head (sometimes they're the same place) through Twitter. The app was also designed to be used on mobile phones (through texting), a function that I added a couple of hours ago.

Now I can tweet anywhere I go, which is eerily work-compulsive (I prefer that to "workaholic" because that word is so poorly conceived in its etymology I find it irritating), but hey, the world outside of my studio (and head) can be pretty neat--and it's my job as an artist to bring it to you.

So follow me on Twitter already!


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