Monday, August 04, 2008


A friend turned me onto Green House Framing (whose web site is and it made my heart sing!

I've done my best to use the most environmentally-friendly materials in creating my art. I just don't believe that creating beauty has to involve toxicity to ourselves or to our larger self, the world.

To this day, I'm still looking for a quality varnish that won't harm the earth. However, with my paints and when I frame certain pieces (most often limited edition prints), I've used ecologically sound nontoxic media and recycled wood frames from Frames by Mail, which you can also find in my links.

However, using reclaimed lumber from demolished homes across the Northwest of America, as well as eco-responsible oil stains--that takes things one step further! And what's even better: You get to know the people who are making these frames at Green House Framing!

As an artist, I can tell you it's important to support living artists by buying their work. In a culture saturated with mass-produced stuff, isn't it nice to find unique, original, handmade items? Products that don't dump into a landfill but instead removes what could have been shoved into one?

There are three R's when it comes to environmental responsibility, and while we remember to recycle, it's more important to think of the first two R's: Reduce and Reuse. The less we use and the more we reuse, the less we have to recycle.

So anyway, I've added Green House Framing to my Links section, but I wanted to let everybody know about them and, if you decide to frame the art you buy from me or any other artist, please consider using Green House Framing!

Invite Beauty,


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