Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Yeti Goes On...

Do you love the Yeti?

Maybe not as much as this guy Henry, who writes the informative and delightful I Love the Yeti blog!

A collector sent me the link and I loved exploring his blog, which dealt with the Yeti in history and pop culture, as well as artist interpretations from the 60's to the present (he's also in love with a new species of hairy-legged, long-clawed crabs, Kiwa hirsuta, also known as "yeti crabs").

He jokes at one point that the Yeti has to be popular because he never lacks for Yeti stuff to blog about! I sent him a link to my Original Finger Paintings, Yeti and Sasquatch (but he doesn't write about Sasquatch), to prove him right. (He's featuring my Yeti today!)

Please visit I Love the Yeti and wander around this fabulous blog about one of the coolest (no pun intended) creatures ever.

Invite Beauty,

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