Friday, July 11, 2008

Sneak Preview! Blue cat in a tree

It's Friday and I'm finishing up my first acrylic painting of a Here Kitty image.

Once again, I've collaged my mother's calligraphy practice papers to the canvas to create both a physical and visual texture for this Original Finger Painting.

Just a few more dabs and I should be done, but the light is failing for me to take a good photograph, so the listing will have to wait until tomorrow. (As will my newsletter! Thanks to all my subscribers and supporters who have been patient with my now-flexible newsletter delivery schedule!)

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! Oh, and check out the new blog roll blogs I've added. Besides Mark David's (who featured my Original Finger Painting, "Wrestling the Light") I've also added my brother's blog. He's got a great eye for design and he's turning his talents towards opening up a shabu shabu restaurant down in Costa Mesa, California!

More soon!


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