Monday, July 07, 2008

Sneak Preview! Broken heart

My latest painting is a departure from my usual style in its level of rawness--I may not even paint the sides black. I've kept the drips of acrylic paint that rolled down the canvas; they create part of the visual and ultimately emotional texture of this piece.

I wanted some distortion of the figure, and I may add more color later on, but for now I think the monochromatic (single color) palette works for me. Again, it brings the emotional core of the image to the fore without any distraction, and I would like to think that there is some homage to Egon Schiele's work, too.

I feel as if this piece brings me back to my roots and even preference for drawing and sketching. I do love the spontaneity of those kinds of marks, that look of art. Drawing is usually seen as a foundation for painting, but really, it's an art form and genre that is sufficient unto itself. In this piece, I've used more water and less of an impasto (thick paint gooped onto the surface) technique than previously seen in my art.

This Original Finger Painting is titled, "Cardiorrhexis," which is a fancy and ironic way of saying "broken heart."

Invite Beauty,


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