Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Redesign your space, redesign your head

My brother's recent launch of his shabu shabu restaurant blog has brought an influx of his friends and fellow foodies to my blog and site. Welcome!

Bound (or unbound) as I am by curiosity, I went to their blogs and was duly inspired. Color, passion, a sense of fun--I felt good reading and seeing their blogs.

In some ways, reading blogs is like having your own personal army of cool people who seek out things you're interested in and report back--often with pictures! I'm a little less bewildered and isolated for having these intrepid bloggers out there exploring things that may be temporarily (or by choice) out of reach or unknown to me, and bringing them back like heroes and teachers.

In response to being inspired (you gotta do something when you're inspired, it's not a gift you return!), I've played around with the design of my blog. Comments are welcome!

I do believe that designing our environment (virtual and real) designs our heads. How we perceive and respond to the world around us--from a web site to a room to the great outdoors--influences how we feel, think, work, play, love, fight, and create.

I am constantly learning how to invite beauty into my life, and I look forward to sharing in the journey ahead.

Take care,


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