Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Open house, open life

A few weeks ago, I decided to attend an open house for John F. Kennedy University's master's in counseling psychology program.

Their open house--and the big move to open a campus in Santa Cruz--was covered by the local paper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel. The photo to the right was taken by Sophie Borazanian.

I received a few messages from friends who saw the article by J.M. Brown and mostly ignored looking for it myself. I had gone to the open house for my own reasons (not for publicity) and I'm not particularly excited when I randomly get absorbed into mass media.

However, early this morning when I posted the sneak preview of my recent Original Finger Painting, I had written about the different paths that I was considering in addition or as an alternative to my career as an artist.

So I decided to look for the article and photograph online and found it. There I am, caught in the act of something I do quite well: exploring career paths.

Careers fascinate me and I'm coming to terms with it. I love hearing what people do and what they wish they were doing and what they dream about doing. I love finding out about the careers that intrigue me and enjoy taking time out to shadow a generous professional.

This has allowed me to build up a huge database of career information in my head. I share it often with friends in quandaries and I've shared it with clients of mine when I worked as a life coach. You might even find me on a few bulletin boards across the Internet!

In the end, I may not choose counseling psychology as my next or simultaneous profession. It feels strangely like I'm cheating on my current profession as an artist (and I almost got away with it until I got photographed!) to consider other options, and maybe I am.

You're not your job but boy howdy, is life ever easier when you enjoy what you do!

Invite Beauty,


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