Sunday, July 06, 2008

Heaven & Earth Event Photos

Here are the pics from the Heaven & Earth Art Show (May 31, 2008)!
I'm still collecting photographs from various people so I may update this post with more pics. I'll post a blog entry when there are new photos added.

In the meantime, please forgive the limited number of photos and that I don't have shots of the other artists who were part of Heaven & Earth, landscape painter Brian Rounds and photographer Marnye Livingston.

Michelle, Brian Carr, Ivan Chan, Patrick.
Friends Michelle and Patrick lent invaluable help to our event and helped make it the success that it was! Brian Carr is a phenomenal stained glass artist and photographer. You know who I am and what I do with my fingers.

Mimi's my mom, who flew all the way up from Southern California for my show. This was actually the first time she had seen my Original Finger Paintings in real life, instead of over the Internet!

Judy of Cornucopia Real Estate is a longtime resident, business owner, and supporter of the arts in Santa Cruz, and was the sponsor for Heaven & Earth and the previous art show at we had at The Santa Cruz Art Center, Doorways & Dharma.

Marie is a talented watercolorist whose paintings of birds and nests captured the imagination of our guests!

Ivan Chan and Albert.
Albert is the host of The R. Duck Show and interviewed me about Heaven & Earth.

He's one of the most elegant, well-spoken, and gentle people I had the pleasure of meeting through Heaven & Earth. He served food and drink tirelessly to our guests, as well as conversed with them about the artwork.

Barry was our patient and kind tea master for Heaven & Earth this year. When David from Chaikhana couldn't make it this year due to a trip to China to explore the tea-producing region of Yunnan, we both thought of Barry as his perfect representative.

It was an added pleasure to find out that most of the ceramic teaware were made by Barry himself. He's quite an accomplished ceramicist and sells his work at The Empty Boat Salon (ask David at Chaikhana about that).

That's me, drinking some refreshing tea served by Barry and chatting with someone.

Marie Schwartz and Mimi.
Two beautiful women in my life! Marie and my mom. In the background you can see one of Brian Carr's intense stained glass pieces. That particular piece, "Rope Starburst," debuted last year at the Doorways & Dharma Art Show.

On the table he made for the stained glass window (he's also a master carpenter), you can see the greeting cards he had of his work for sale.

Ivan Chan, Mimi, and Shirley.
My mom, Mimi, stayed with her childhood friend, Shirley, from the East Bay on this trip. Many thanks to Shirley for being such a great hostess and for driving my mom down to Santa Cruz for the show.

The next day we all hung out with another friend of mine and enjoyed the sights before dropping my mom off at the airport.

Orvietto Window.
This is Brian Carr's latest masterpiece, based on the window of the Orvietto Cathedral in Italy. It's composed of 1,001 pieces, all hand-ground! You can see the process of making this window at Brian Carr Studio.

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