Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sneak Preview! Chasing the White Rabbit

Some images pop into my head for better or worse.

This one has evolved from being a rabbit skeleton (which I may still paint one day) to being a fluffy white bunny. And yes, it's smoking.

I have this thing about smoking--I don't put it into any of my fiction work and before this painting, I didn't put it into my art. It's not that it's not appropriate sometimes, but I figure the tobacco industry is marketing enough--and especially to young people--that it doesn't need my unintentional help.

Yet, this image came and it stayed and I feel like I have to be true to it, so I painted it. My mind was probably playing a word and image game with me, like "bad habits die hard" became "bad rabbits die hard."

I don't think smoking makes a bunny bad (or tough or cool), but somehow, a smoking bunny is kind of sinister, don't you think? All cuddly and puffing away. Maybe it's after sex (you know how rabbits are) or maybe the rabbit is stressed.

I don't know. I'm just the messenger.

This Original Finger Painting will be available soon. I've been reading Rumi's mystical poetry again and I have some images inspired from his work that I'll be sharing in the coming days.

Invite Beauty,


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