Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sneak Preview! Dreaming of maples

I have been taking longer with my paintings, which has thrown my schedule off in terms of my newsletter (sorry, faithful subscribers!) and also my auctions.

However, I appreciate it as an artist. Who, during sleep, hurries a dream? Most things require the time they require, and when they don't have it, there are sacrifices. You can taste it in your food, feel it in your clothing, and read it in your emails.

This isn't to say that some pressure isn't good for a person--there's such thing as "good stress," and I know I've created many pieces I'm proud of under a deadline and limited resources.

Anyway, my latest Original Finger Painting was created from deep meditation on what should be my next subject. While at a friends' backyard movie night, I saw a beautiful Japanese maple whose elegance took my breath away.

Inspired by this tree, I started painting my own, and here's the sneak peek. It's specifically a "Coral Bark" Japanese maple--the kind that has pink-red bark in the winter and deep red leaves in early spring (which later can turn green, depending on the variety). I've painted it from memory and imagination, at a moment when the bark is changing color to follow the season, and the leaves are on fire with new life.

The background is textured gold (hard to photograph as my blog readers know) and provides a nice contrast to the reds. Staring at this painting all day long, I can tell you the beauty of this piece is how it changes from flaming brightly to smoldering embers as the sun makes its way across the sky.

There may be changes, and there may not be. You'll know when I've awakened from this dream.

Invite Beauty,

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