Monday, April 07, 2008

Sneakier Preview! Jonathan and David

In the Internet portion of my research for this painting, I came across quite a few homophobic (and heterosexist) web sites and blogs.

I also found several sites for gay Christians that used the story to claim space for themselves in their faith. Who wants to be ostracized for being whom they were born to be?

This made me feel that making this painting was important.

I'm not here to argue scriptural interpretations or anybody's beliefs. I'm not here to justify anyone's orientation (it would imply that I think nature even requires justification, whether through a faith or science) or change someone's mind (that's not my responsibility).

I prefer to study and honor the many interpretations that have been offered. What I appreciate about Judaism and Jewish culture is the healthy fostering of debate (an old saying is, "When you have two Jews, you have three opinions") and questioning, especially of something sacred, in order to understand it better. Curiosity and intelligence are our birthrights as sentient beings.

Invite Beauty,

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