Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sneak Preview! Every time we say good-bye

I think to say I'm a romantic would be an understatement, but a romantic I am and drawn to romantic themes such as forbidden lovers parting or thwarted (you'll find this the undercurrent in my Merman Series).

It's more the farewell than anything that tugs at my heart, so I seek these moments out in the myths and stories of cultures across the world.

One such story is from The Bible, and details the deep friendship (some would say intimate relationship) between the future King of Israel, David, and the son of King Saul, Jonathan.

There's a lot of controversy surrounding David and Jonathan's relationship, which is written in passionate terms that have been interpreted (all with convincing literary evidence) platonically, romantically, and erotically. It's these layers of meaning and different perspectives that make a story and image interesting to me on an intellectual level.

Emotionally, it's much simpler: good-byes break my heart, and the love between David and Jonathan offers hope and belonging.

Invite Beauty,

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