Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sneak Preview! The beating of her wings

I'm a regular contributor on DeviantArt which, despite its name, is just a plain ol' great place to share and appreciate various forms of art from people all over the world.

(If you go, please be aware that there is adult material in my profile and others, in the form of fine art nude photography, paintings, drawings, etc.).

Anyway, Nikos Vasilakis is an incredibly talented photographer based in Greece whom I was fortunate enough to find in the madding crowd that is DA. He's generously allowed me to use one of his photographs as a reference for my latest Original Finger Painting, which has also been inspired by the work of Pre-Raphaelites and Symbolists who had a thing for the femme fatale.

I'm experimenting with a different kind of background, which the sneak peek doesn't do justice--it's like mother-of-pearl and I'm enjoying staring at it quite a bit. There's a feeling of power when one has a new paint color to paint with--it reminds me of being given crayons as a child and feeling like I saw that huge expanse of WALL in front of me for the first time--and wanting to fill it up with drawings.

Invite Beauty,

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