Thursday, April 24, 2008

A little perspective

I've had requests before to post different angles of my work with iridescence in them (and most of them do), but I've found it very difficult to capture with photography.

I usually photograph my work outside so that the natural sunlight brings out the richness of the colors (I still hear from collectors that the colors in my pieces are more vibrant and luxurious than in the photographs, so there's something to look forward to when you buy my work!). Although I can see the way the painting flashes from different angles, it never translated well.

So today I happened to look up at Death as a Maiden and noticed how indoors, with very soft and direct light from my skylight, that the iridescence was more pronounced. It's striking when seen from below, but I think you get the idea from my two views of the painting I've posted.

The pic on the left has duller colors because the pearl background is so reflective, it causes the camera to focus on the bright spot and darken everything else. The pic on the right is the opposite.

Anyway, thanks to Michelle Wiebe for her enthusiasm about the different angles. She's been asking me to do this for several of my paintings and I hadn't been able to do it successfully until now.

Invite Beauty,

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