Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sneakier Preview! Spring has sprung

This has been one of my more experimental pieces, partially fueled by listening to Billy Mallery's music (he's releasing an album titled Possible Bliss this year under hover, check it out on MySpace), and partially my own explorations into abstract images and uses of color.

I feel my art is in a state of flux these days, pushing towards more mystery and less of the knowable and rational world. It's part of my own growing comfort--or I should say acceptance--of that which I have no control over. Sometimes it's enough that something is beautiful and beyond our ability to understand. That's why I love studying religions.

The cherry blossoms represent, this time, a temporariness related not only to our brief lives, but to music as it vibrates on the air. There's a sweetness to something that can end, I think.

The other flowers are red and blue Lantana, a favorite of Billy's that I thought would be nice to incorporate into my repertoire of both imaginary and real flora.

Please stay tuned for the listing of this painting, when better pictures will abound--and with much less distortion of shape and color!

Invite Beauty,

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