Friday, March 07, 2008

Sneak Preview! The sound of music

A few months ago, I wrote about a composer who found me on MySpace, Billy Mallery. There's a link to his web site on my Links page if you'd like to find out more about him.

I love listening to his music--he composes soundtracks for movies, commercials, and logos--creating and distilling mood and essence into sound.

Recently, he used a pic of himself for his avatar on MySpace, and I really liked it. So I asked him if I could use it as a photo reference for one of my paintings in the future.

He generously agreed (and he agreed for his talented sister, too, who took the picture), and since then I've been rolling ideas around my head on what this painting will look like. Right now you see it in a very raw form, not my usual sneak peek of what will soon be listed, but a sneak peek of a work-in-progress.

It's been a long time since I made a horizontal/landscape image, but studying Odilon Redon's work, I'm encouraged to experiment and I have to say, I do love the spaciousness of it. I've turned my favorite dimensions--24" x 30"--onto their sides and I feel opened up by the new perspective!

There's more art coming but I've got to rest for a bit now before getting back to work. It's been a trying week and I feel a bit battered and sore--but it's the soreness hard-won from a good workout, I think. Liberation is never easy.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Invite Beauty,

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