Monday, March 17, 2008

Sneak Preview! Falling

The gold and white of this Original Finger Painting made this sneak preview difficult to photograph, but this is just to whet your appetites for the real thing coming soon!

I've reworked an older painting again, this time re-imagining the image with new inspiration.

The wings are again drawn from research into Persian and Islamic art (I'm following my own color scheme). I find the idea of multicolored wings beautiful and striking--a departure from the usual white wings.

While painting this, I was reminded of an old story from Persia, brought up by Bill Moyers in his interview of Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth: Satan was God's greatest lover and would bow to no one but God; God then created Man and told the angels to serve Man. This was something Satan could not do because of his overwhelming love of God. The punishment for his disobedience was exile--to be forever separated from the Beloved.

It's a romantic story, but it definitely puts a twist on things, which I like. My perspective can always use a bit of twisting and tweaking, because getting used to something is a death knell. You stop seeing the gifts the ordinary gives you every day.

I'm not sure this is necessarily a scene of that awful celestial breakup, but I do know it's a farewell of some sort. The halo is a deep, rich, and iridescent blue--like the sky over our heads. It's a kind of hole, almost, from the golden background--again, to signify the Heavens--and reflects a kind of "coming down to Earth" experience.

Perhaps this is an angel that falls during the Great War in Heaven; there were casualites on both sides, I imagine, as there are in any war. And maybe it's an echo of another myth, like that of Icarus flying too close to the sun and melting his wings.

Strangely, this feels like a very private painting. I'm not sure why yet.

I do like that it's my first diptych (two-part painting). The two canvases, in dividing the image, offers a visual surprise. A bonus, even. The eye travels along the picture, back and forth, from an outstretched wing to an impassioned face.

Enough for now. I need to rest.

Invite Beauty,

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