Saturday, February 09, 2008

The update is complete!

After fidgeting for about two months with my shop's listings, I've finally settled on what things will look like. Thanks to those who checked out my shop while it was being digitally remodeled and offering suggestions!

Also updated is my gallery. Although I'm not one for censorship, I do sympathize with parents who wish to moderate what their children are exposed to--far beyond the simplistic answer of "turn it off if you don't want to watch it" which is like "just say no to drugs" (yeah, that campaign worked--as a punchline for jokes), I know there are proactive adults who set filters on their televisions and Internet browsers to take responsibility where they can in what the young people in their lives see.

In order to follow Flickr (which hosts my gallery) community guidelines, respect the wishes of parents, and to continue to respect my own artistic expression, I have marked and will mark some of my work in my gallery on a mature content scale from "moderate" to "restricted." Adults will be able to sign up (for free) with Flickr to see all of my work.

This issue had been nagging me for a while, after I went to Murakami's exhibit in Los Angeles.

Murakami, who uses images in a manga (Japanese comic book) style and also markets toys he has designed from his work, simultaneously creates very adult material. At his exhibit, there were a lot of parents with their children, assuming that Murakami was completely "kid-friendly" since what they saw in promotional media reminded them of cartoons and comics.

Cartoons and comic books being infantilized in the States (they're a fully developed and accepted literary art form in Asia and Europe, suitable for telling mature stories), the assumption was wrong and there was a warning sign at the admissions desk for the museum. Kids still went in--and I'm glad they did, too, because they had parents who would talk with them about the art as they experienced it. A little less shame about nudity and sex is a good thing in my book.

My blog, however, won't be filtered as I can't find any option for that through Blogger, so the signal here will continue, unblocked and unabated (but perhaps tastefully cropped!).

My thanks for your understanding!

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