Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sneak Preview! The living daylight

So here's the solstice painting I've been promising for so long (more to my subscribers than here on my blog, but you get the point: the solstice was last year, late in December!), "Here Comes the Sun."

There was a previous version that I had shown to select collectors, but it's since changed and now it's ready for a public preview!

The colors are actually darker, more mysterious and richer than in this photograph (it was taken at night and with a flash).

It may be a while before I list it on eBay. Besides deciding not to list anything new during the strike (sellers are protesting what they consider unreasonable fee hikes and unfair feedback system changes; this came to my attention after I had listed pieces for auction on Monday and Tuesday)--which doesn't end until next week, February 25--I've also been having technical difficulties with my main eBay store (things like overcharging me for listings). And guess what? It's as frustrating as you imagined or heard to deal with eBay customer service, which shuttled me to and fro (for an hour) with promises and apologies, but no action.

We'll see what happens next. In the meantime, I will continue to list in my Etsy shop and will look into other online venues. Until the situation is resolved with eBay, please keep your eyes on this blog (or subscribe to my mailing list) for where I'll be listing my original finger paintings and more.

Thanks for your kind attention, and for spreadin' the love about my work!

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