Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sneak Preview! Essence Renaissance

I've been evolving selected older paintings from their more graphic origins (simple with bold colors) into works that are more detailed and in many ways, more realistic. I still dose my images with a heavy helping of dreamy symbolism and evocative color, though, to remain true to my artistic inclinations.

Also in the spirit of remaining true, my reworked pieces do not involve me sanding down or in some other fashion obliterating the image beneath; I've written before that I consider my images archeological, meaning that you can see remnants of what was underneath the surface image. It's my way of expressing honesty and it looks pretty neat, too. Something to reward the careful observer.

I do love this reincarnation of Essence of Motion. The tawny fur is actually gold, and the shadows are a rich and deep blue that I find startling and quenching. (To see the original, please visit Everyday Beauty. You'll find it under the Dreams section. I'll be discontinuing the sticker soon, so it won't be there for long!)

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Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty
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