Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New from Ivan Chan Studio! Here Comes the Sun SOLD

Here Comes the Sun, oil on canvas, 18" x 36"
Finger painted

Please click on the image to read the description of this sensuous Original Finger Painting in my gallery.

Picture Salon: Featured Artist

The place I choose to have my high quality giclee prints made is Picture Salon.

Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly, Tom and Barbara Crozier of Picture Salon do excellent work that always receives raves from my collectors.

Now, they've given me the great honor of being featured on the front page of Picture Salon!

Please visit and say hello. Picture Salon is the perfect solution for artists wishing to make beautiful and stunning reproductions of their work on a variety of media, and also for the non-artist who would like to create gifts based on photographs for friends and family.

Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty

Monday, February 25, 2008

Aw, shucks

So I'm going through Flickr, which hosts my gallery and it leads me to two artists and collectors who have blogged about my work.

In the spirit of spreading the goodness, I'd love to introduce you to these generous, enthusiastic, and definitely talented artists, both of whom have Etsy shops full of--what else--goodness!

Please check out and say hi to:

Margaret Almon of Nutmeg Designs on her blog, NuxMagaMosaic.

Calyx Ann of CalyxAnn on Etsy on her blog, Thoughts, Facts & Things.

I am blessed with gratitude.


Monday morning redemption

The hours of operation for eBay stores' customer service is limited to the weekdays, from 6 AM to 6 PM PST. This was frustrating as I was trying to resolve some issues with them and the only representatives available weren't able to do anything.

However, this morning I had a very pleasant experience with one of their representatives--friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and above all else--helpful. My issues were resolved quickly, she apologized for the inconvenience, and they've posted the glitch on eBay's US site to alert other storeowners (this problem had been identified on eBay's Germany site). Not only do I get helped, but reporting this problem and working with this representative will help others.

I needed to post this because of my last post about the frustrations of dealing with eBay's customer service. Granted, I did have an annoying and frustrating experience over the weekend. However, it's not all bad, and there are gems like this person I worked with this morning.

Happy dance.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sneak Preview! The living daylight

So here's the solstice painting I've been promising for so long (more to my subscribers than here on my blog, but you get the point: the solstice was last year, late in December!), "Here Comes the Sun."

There was a previous version that I had shown to select collectors, but it's since changed and now it's ready for a public preview!

The colors are actually darker, more mysterious and richer than in this photograph (it was taken at night and with a flash).

It may be a while before I list it on eBay. Besides deciding not to list anything new during the strike (sellers are protesting what they consider unreasonable fee hikes and unfair feedback system changes; this came to my attention after I had listed pieces for auction on Monday and Tuesday)--which doesn't end until next week, February 25--I've also been having technical difficulties with my main eBay store (things like overcharging me for listings). And guess what? It's as frustrating as you imagined or heard to deal with eBay customer service, which shuttled me to and fro (for an hour) with promises and apologies, but no action.

We'll see what happens next. In the meantime, I will continue to list in my Etsy shop and will look into other online venues. Until the situation is resolved with eBay, please keep your eyes on this blog (or subscribe to my mailing list) for where I'll be listing my original finger paintings and more.

Thanks for your kind attention, and for spreadin' the love about my work!

Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty

Monday, February 18, 2008

New from Ivan Chan Studio! Essence of Motion

Essence of Motion

Please click on the image to read the description, see detailed pics, and to bid on this beautiful finger painting. Also benefits World Wildlife Fund.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sneak Preview! Essence Renaissance

I've been evolving selected older paintings from their more graphic origins (simple with bold colors) into works that are more detailed and in many ways, more realistic. I still dose my images with a heavy helping of dreamy symbolism and evocative color, though, to remain true to my artistic inclinations.

Also in the spirit of remaining true, my reworked pieces do not involve me sanding down or in some other fashion obliterating the image beneath; I've written before that I consider my images archeological, meaning that you can see remnants of what was underneath the surface image. It's my way of expressing honesty and it looks pretty neat, too. Something to reward the careful observer.

I do love this reincarnation of Essence of Motion. The tawny fur is actually gold, and the shadows are a rich and deep blue that I find startling and quenching. (To see the original, please visit Everyday Beauty. You'll find it under the Dreams section. I'll be discontinuing the sticker soon, so it won't be there for long!)

Subscribers to my newsletter, Inviting Beauty, saw this sneak preview last Friday. If you'd like to get earlier peeks at my work, as well as receive my collected feature listings and special offers, please subscribe by sending me your email (which I'll keep safe and confidential).

Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New from Ivan Chan Studio! Serenata Plata

Serenata Plata
Oil on canvas, 18" x 36"
Finger painted

Please click on the image to read the description, see detailed pics, and to bid on this beautiful, ready to hang, Original Finger Painting.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The update is complete!

After fidgeting for about two months with my shop's listings, I've finally settled on what things will look like. Thanks to those who checked out my shop while it was being digitally remodeled and offering suggestions!

Also updated is my gallery. Although I'm not one for censorship, I do sympathize with parents who wish to moderate what their children are exposed to--far beyond the simplistic answer of "turn it off if you don't want to watch it" which is like "just say no to drugs" (yeah, that campaign worked--as a punchline for jokes), I know there are proactive adults who set filters on their televisions and Internet browsers to take responsibility where they can in what the young people in their lives see.

In order to follow Flickr (which hosts my gallery) community guidelines, respect the wishes of parents, and to continue to respect my own artistic expression, I have marked and will mark some of my work in my gallery on a mature content scale from "moderate" to "restricted." Adults will be able to sign up (for free) with Flickr to see all of my work.

This issue had been nagging me for a while, after I went to Murakami's exhibit in Los Angeles.

Murakami, who uses images in a manga (Japanese comic book) style and also markets toys he has designed from his work, simultaneously creates very adult material. At his exhibit, there were a lot of parents with their children, assuming that Murakami was completely "kid-friendly" since what they saw in promotional media reminded them of cartoons and comics.

Cartoons and comic books being infantilized in the States (they're a fully developed and accepted literary art form in Asia and Europe, suitable for telling mature stories), the assumption was wrong and there was a warning sign at the admissions desk for the museum. Kids still went in--and I'm glad they did, too, because they had parents who would talk with them about the art as they experienced it. A little less shame about nudity and sex is a good thing in my book.

My blog, however, won't be filtered as I can't find any option for that through Blogger, so the signal here will continue, unblocked and unabated (but perhaps tastefully cropped!).

My thanks for your understanding!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!

Little Beauties Art Cards: Change Is Inevitable
Ten 5" x 7" cards & envelopes
Hand stamped on back

I goofed (I know, bad me) in my newsletter when I said last week that there were ten days left before the Lunar New Year (commonly known in the States as "Chinese New Year," although the Chinese are not the only ones to celebrate it). Today is actually New Year's Day and yesterday was New Year's Eve!

Fish are considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity for the Chinese because the word for "fish" sounds like it. We eat birthday cakes with "happy birthday" written on them for similar reasons!

Neat, right?


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New from Ivan Chan Studio! The Flower of Compassion SOLD

The Flower of Compassion
Oil on canvas, 18" x 36"
Finger painted

Please click on the image to read the description, see detailed pics, and to purchase this breathtakingly beautiful Original Finger Painting.
Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty

Second Annual Community Advisory Committee Art Competition & BALANCE4Kids Art Exhibition

I'm pleased to announce that I've been invited to be one of the judges of the Second Annual Community Advisory Committee Art Competition and BALANCE4Kids Art Exhibition!

It's going to be exciting seeing the overabundance of talent out there, and I'm sure it will be difficult, too, to make my decisions along with the other two judges. Luckily, there will be delicious food provided by Chef Andrea Batteast and soothing cello music from the talented Patrice Wallace!

If you're in the neighborhood, please do come and share the art, music, and food. More info can be found on my web site or by clicking "Events" in the menu to your right.

Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vote! Spotlight on Manifest Destiny and Koi Series Card Set

Manifest Destiny

Little Beauties: Koi Series Set

Please click on the images to read the description and see detailed pics!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sneak Preview! The Flower of Compassion

Artist and friend Michelle Wiebe has been an inspiration to me for quite some time. Her paintings are simply gorgeous and show such a mastery of line and color that it makes me giddy!

Recently, I saw a painting of hers, "Esther," which was stunning. It bounced behind my eyes for some time until it finally landed on a painting I've been itching to rework, "The Flower of Compassion Sows Gardens."

Michelle's use of black line, reminiscent of Mucha's work, encouraged me to break that old, authoritarian dictum NOT to outline my pictures in black. It's amazing what voices we have inside of us that keep us from expressing ourselves! I have heard some artists say (with pride) that they won't use black at all, for no other reason than...you're not supposed to!

Not using black came from the Impressionists, and they had their reasons, but it's by no means a hard and fast rule (I happen to like black) or a measure of one's sophistication as an artist. Just as speaking with split infinitives isn't a declaration of your lower intelligence--that's a grammatical rule created by 17th and 18th century grammarians trying to force English (a Germanic language) to behave like Latin. Ah, the twists and turns we put ourselves through!

Anyway, with Michelle (and Mucha) as inspiration, along with my cultural background, I've reimagined "The Flower of Compassion Sows Gardens" into something that thrills me. There's a lot of iridescence in this painting, which changes the way it appears depending on angle and light (so much fun!), so there will definitely be better pictures when I list it. This is, after all, just a sneak peek!

Take care,


Friday, February 01, 2008

New from Ivan Chan Studio! Carpe Diem SOLD

Carpe Diem, oil on canvas, 16" x 20"
Finger Painted

This Original Finger Painting is sold and can be seen in my gallery, but please visit my shop to see more Original Finger Paintings, limited edition prints, and collectible cards.