Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nothing But Blue Skies (Eventually)

I do enjoy the rain--the dark, brooding clouds; the pitter-pat of the drops on my roof lulling me to sleep at night.

What I don't enjoy is how it cramps my style!

Yes, I had been planning on listing my latest painting, Carpe Diem, today, but unfortunately, the black skies make it impossible for me to get a great photograph of my work.

I photograph all my work in natural sunlight to bring out the truest colors in the piece. I figure it's truth in advertising and it makes my art look brilliant and vibrant like it is in real life.

Not that you'd have one of my paintings hanging in direct sunlight--outside. Indoor lighting is always tricky, even in galleries (that's why the nicer galleries have dimmer switches on their spotlights so they can simulate what a painting will look like as the day passes over it). Nothing so bright, and nothing so dim--how we experience art is highly contextual. It's what makes it alive.

There's another, more personal dark cloud that I'm hoping will pass, too. A friend of mine I hadn't heard from for a while suddenly called me today to let me know she was in the hospital and fighting a difficult illness she recently discovered. She's in good spirits, but I'm the worrywort, I guess. Nice thing was, while my friend and I visited her, a couple of friends came to visit her, too. She's not alone, and she knows she's much loved.

I'm off to update some more listings in my shop. It'll keep my mind off of things. In the meantime, I've inserted a self-portrait in my long post, "Peace, Mud, and Happiness," just to break things up a bit!

Take care,

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