Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm it! Five things you don't know about me (I think)

Artist bloggers play a game called "tag" where know, tag you.

What this means is that you get to reveal five things about yourself that people who don't know you...well, don't know.

I'm sick! That's my excuse for sounding a bit loopy.

Anyway, my friend and talented artist, Michelle Wiebe, just tagged me and so here I go:

1. I'm red-green color blind. It's a matter of degrees, so I can't see hue (color) very well, but I can see tones (dark to light). The question I get asked most is, "What do you see, then?" which can never really be answered to anyone's satisfaction by description or the technology at hand, but I can tell you that reds look like browns and greens look like greys; if the color is bright enough, I can see the difference. I depend on the labels on my art supplies and my understanding of color theory when I paint--the rest is just instinct. I heard that there were corrective lenses for this sex-linked trait, but none of my optometrists or ophthalmologists through the years have heard about it, so I'm still waiting. The military does have an use for red-green color blind folks, though--camouflage doesn't fool us, whoo hoo!

2. I'm left-handed. When I was a child, my parents tried to switch me to being right-handed for my own good, and it caused an awful stutter. When they finally gave up, the stutter disappeared, and now I'm a proud south paw. Oh, and when I write, it's with the paper perpendicular to me, so I'm writing vertically. For my family--people who appreciate calligraphy and generally the art of writing--this is quite the party trick at gatherings. "Oooh! Write my name next! Oh! Oh!"

3. I speak 3-5 languages at any given time and can pick up a language very quickly. I think it comes from a childhood of interpreting (verbal) for my elders who spoke little to no English. Among the languages I speak fluently is American Sign Language.

4. I have a degree in Creative Writing, which I put to good use up until three years ago when I gave up a career in writing and decided to make art instead (if you read the descriptions of my artwork, you can tell I never fully gave up words).

5. When I was a kid, I almost got a part in a TV movie and later, a regular role on a sitcom. I'm not tellin' which!

Right, so here are the five artists I'm going to tag! Deborah Company, Aman Chaudhury, Gail Schmidt, Jessica Torrant, and Phil Gladstone.

Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty
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