Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sneak Preview! Here a chick

I'm such a tease.

This painting is not actually for sale, but a gift to a friend who's wild about chickens and has been a support to me in so many ways.

She once had several Araucana chickens (a breed originating in Chile and known for their lovely blue-green eggs; now they're widespread and look so varied that it's hard to identify the breed--except by the eggs) that were killed by raccoons.

Listening to her talk about chickens is like listening to a young girl talk about ponies. She LOVES chickens. I do, too--so I thought I'd paint her one.

I'll post a better pic in my gallery sometime tomorrow, I think; I may post here, too, with a link in the image that will lead you to my gallery.

Take care,

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