Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go wireless in state parks!

Journey of a Thousand

While researching monarch butterflies for my painting, "Journey of a Thousand," I came across the wonderful news that state parks in California are working on providing free wireless networks for park visitors! A list on their web site shows parks that have set up wi-fi (wireless fidelity) already.

Now, before you go wondering why anybody would want wi-fi in a gorgeous, natural setting like a state park, remember--state parks aren't just about camping and roughing it. They're also about beaches and campfires and relaxing, and we all relax in various ways. Some do it with laptops, others do it by getting away from it all (and maybe bringing a book!).

Personally, I'm thrilled that there's wi-fi in parks. I get to leave my studio, my desk, and be outside when I do my work and research. That's a great feeling. Plein aire computing!

I'll be staying inside for a while, though--I've been recuperating from a bug that knocked me off my feet earlier this week. It comes from having random people cough and heartily hack in my face when I'm out and about running my errands. Didn't we learn in kindergarten to cover our mouths when we sneezed and coughed? Sheesh.

Anyway, my illness has slowed me down this week in terms of new art, but with some peace and quiet in the coming days, I plan to have some work ready for the faithful. Do know that this rest for me has been marvelous, even with being sick. I've re-strategized how to take care of myself and have been enjoying working out regularly again, and will be signing up for yoga soon. Stretching! It ain't just for canvases.

May you know what you are grateful for, and may you be aware of someone who's grateful for you.

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