Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ah, music

Like an invisible, delicate perfume, or a master storyteller weaving a tale around you, music is a pure and abstract language of emotions and ideas.

A master of this eloquent language is Billy Mallery, a composer who found my art recently through MySpace. In exploring his profile, I was entranced by ethereal and evocative notes that calmed and inspired me.

His work can be found in commercials, logos for films, and on movie soundtracks, enhancing moods and spinning narratives; a lifelong, personal project, Totality, records solar eclipses across the world, accompanied by his music.

Please visit his web site (the opening page cascades with delightful sounds, but once it quiets down, you can roll your mouse over the images and each picture acts like a piano key!), malleryscores and enjoy.

Take care,

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