Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sneak Preview! Pelican on the wing

A friend and I were walking along the beach and spotted pelicans gliding in formation over the rolling waves. They never touched the water, and I've been told they don't scoop with their famous pouched bills while gliding--if they plan to catch fish, they'll dive for them (and that's dramatic to see, too!).

I've come back to this composition, at least thematically, twice before: the recent "Journey of a Thousand" and the earlier "Than Are Dreamt." There's something magical about it for me, something that rings true; it feels real if you've ever swam in deep waters, but there's an endless sense of mystery, and being, that these paintings elicit from me.

As with my merman paintings, I explore the idea of being in two worlds, sometimes caught and struggling, sometimes flying effortlessly and peacefully. I will come back again to this composition again, perhaps higher into the sky, and most certainly, deeper into the sea.

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