Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sneak Preview! The Monarchs are coming! The Monarchs are coming!

Admittedly, this sneak preview is hard to see--the listing with its detailed pics will be much better.

This is a cousin to a previous painting, Than Are Dreamt. It's exploring composition, but also the themes of movement and mystery, perseverance and beauty. Compare both paintings and see what plays in your imagination.

As promised, the October colors are coming. These orange-red butterflies, the Monarchs, come through and rest in the central coast region of California from mid-October to February. They're on an intense, inter-generational migration that takes them all the way from Canada to the heart of Mexico.

It's never the same butterfly that makes the trip from north to south and back north again. The descendants of each generation continue the migration of their forebears, each generation surviving only a few weeks--except for the "Methusaleh generation" (named after the extremely long-lived biblical character), which is produced annually and lives up to eight months! (That's like you having kids that will live for six centuries.)

What a strange and beautiful world we live in.

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