Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sneak Preview! Tulips

This painting is a distillation of tulips from their field of green leaves.

Floating on a background of gold, the idea was suggested by how simple and beautiful the sneak previews of my last painting, The Flower of Compassion Sows Gardens, were when I only sent tightly cropped photos of the iris and tulips on the golden ground color (before I had painted the background) to my newsletter subscribers (see what you get when you subscribe? That plus specials like discounted shipping and other goodies!).

I enjoy the elegant aesthetic of sketches and minimalist art, and have heard likewise from subscribers. I look forward to making some paintings, probably florals, in this style.

Perhaps a reaction to the details present in The Flower of Compassion, but my art confesses a strive for balance.

A friend of mine may recognize these tulips from a trip we took to Butchart Gardens three, almost four, years ago! (And some of you long-time readers may recognize an earlier acrylic sketch of these same tulips.)

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