Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sneakier Preview! Pan goes a-courting

So I did some research on the difference between fauns and satyrs, and supposedly, the fauns are cute and innocent while the satyrs are ugly and worldly (often drunk but considered knowledgeable).

The Greek nature god Pan has been described as a satyr (half-man, half-goat), but I would like to think of him as a faun--he was known to be a romantic and quite mischievous, especially with nymphs (divinities who looked like women and lived in trees, rivers, hills, etc.). Many are they who love a bad boy.

Although satyrs have lent their name to the compulsive sex disorder known as satyriasis (the counterpart to the more familiar nymphomania), and their legendary and shameless romps have led to their appropriation by belief systems not-so liberal with sexuality (what major belief system is these days?), I've taken the "let's make love in the great outdoors" approach to my depiction of these playful creatures. Nature, after all, put courting (and horniness--ever wonder where that term came from?) into our genes. It would be unfair not to acknowledge the joy of being alive--physically alive--in this world, and only to focus on spirit: as if flowers didn't arise from dirt.

A better pic, as usual, when I list this piece. Thanks for sneaking a peek with me!

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