Monday, August 20, 2007

Sneak Preview! Sketch of a faun

I've been wanting to paint some fauns (satyrs, but not as goaty?) for a while, so I finally broke down and went over my research again and sketched this mischievous looking fella. The pic to the right is a crop of a larger sketch that includes most of his body.

If you're curious about my research, I studied goats from Greece, as well as sculptures and paintings of goats and satyrs from ancient Greece, to get a feel for how I'd create my interpretation of the much interpreted faun.

I would have started painting this piece but for lack of a proper canvas size. I think this ragazzo belongs on an 18" x 36" canvas, but all I have right now is 15" x 30". Same ratio, but the larger size will match the subject and also be easier on my technique (that is, finger painting). Off to get more supplies!

An hors d'oevres for thought: could it be the unbridled (and unguilty) sexuality of satyrs and fauns that led to their demonization?

Right, it's past my bedtime. Thanks for reading!

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