Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sneak Preview! Fly Away

On a recent visit to my family, I picked up my mother's calligraphy practice sheets. She had so many she was lamenting what to do with them (besides recycling them) and I offered to take them and incorporate them into my artwork. She happily agreed, and I'm glad to "collaborate" with my mother on some of my paintings!

I've been busy studying Chinese and Japanese art the last few weeks. A crash course, without a doubt--I mean, people make careers out of studying the extensive art traditions of both of these cultures. However, since I never had much of a taste for school, I prefer my education to follow my curiosity, at my own pace. So I've been devouring, night and day, books on these two subjects.

I plan on one day devoting time to studying the Eastern art forms with master teachers. It's too beautiful to pass up.

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