Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Art to fill your heart

This is a beautiful ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) by the very talented (and frequent reader of my blog), Michelle Wiebe.

I won this original painting (Delphinium Fairy) at auction recently and am absolutely stunned by the gorgeosity of Michelle's work! So much detail in such a tiny space--and I'm not just talking about lines, but such things as the detail of this fairy's face. Look at the eyes, the mouth, the tilt of the head, the magical curls of the hair. And then on top of that, there are the details--the delicate washes of color, the exquisite black lines that define...this photo really can't capture everything you see in the real painting!

Please check out Michelle's work through her blog (MW-ARTCO in the list of Artist's Blogs I've got going on the left)--from there, you can see her Etsy shop and eBay auctions. Well worth your time perusing!

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