Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Exhibit and honor at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Some months in the making, but the show up at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is now a go and will begin this Friday, May 4, 2007!

Part of The Beauty of Us series dealing with GLBTI issues, my artwork will reflect this year's theme of identity and identity formation.

Selected paintings will be hung at Kresge College's newly remodeled restaurant until June 1 and then moved to the Women's Studies Library on June 2 for Pride (a festival celebrating diversity), and then back again to the restaurant where it will remain there until June 16. There's discussion about keeping my work in the quiet sanctuary of the library, and of course, I'll keep people updated on this blog and on my web site's Events section.

Another honor is the invitation to be the featured artist of Pride 2007! This is an incredible festival and celebration that had 400-500 students, staff, and members of the community at large attend last year (it's first year). This second year promises to be bigger and better, so I'm terribly excited and looking forward to the noise and joy of that day.

Thanks again for everybody's support and interest in my work!

Take care,

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