Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Show at Owl's Nest (Kresge College, UCSC)

Here are the selected works now being shown at Kresge College's new restaurant, Owl's Nest (the show officially opens this Friday, May 4, and closes on June 16, 2007). For more info and directions, please visit my Events section.

Kresge College is one of ten colleges that comprise the University of California at Santa Cruz. They have invited my work, as part of The Beauty of Us series, to inaugurate their walls. It's particularly exciting for me because Kresge is my alma mater, and thirteen years later, I'm invited to be part of this vibrant community once again.

My sincerest thanks to Nico Archer, program director of The Beauty of Us, for finding my artwork, sharing his enthusiasm, and being an all-around incredible person. I'd also like to thank Matt, manager of Owl's Nest, for being a generous host.

If Only

Found and Lost

The Longest Kiss Good Night


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