Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sneak Preview! Flow over

I've been admiring paintings that have faux frames painted on them--often roughly--and decided to put one on one of my signature koi paintings.

However, I had to play with the convention a bit and so added a touch of surrealism--it's a bit hard to see in this sneak preview, but in the lower left corner, the water from the pond flows out of the frame. I do like playing with ideas of space...looking down on a pond (an improbable view, unless you've got a pond underneath a glass strong enough to hold you while you lie down and admire the fish) while at the same time having the depicted water flow downwards, acknowledging the way the painting's meant to be hung. I did a similar thing with the painting, Wisteria Mysterium, where the wisteria frame the koi, so the viewer is simultaneously looking across and down on the image.

I really enjoyed the addition of river pebbles in this painting, too. I went to a restaurant where river pebbles were a strong feature of the design, and where the nearby ocean took on the same blue-black color. I had to put some pebbles in this picture, which I think also suggests depth and and transparency of water.

Most koi live in brackish ponds--brown and green water.

Aren't I romantic?

More later,

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