Thursday, March 08, 2007

The night after

The award ceremony went well, although I admit to being crazy-nervous for some reason. That might explain the blurry picture my friend took of me--I was probably shaking like a chihuahua! (Actually, it was the low lighting in the city council chambers and possibly the camera setting I put the camera in. Oops.) So that was at least 10 seconds of my 15 minutes of fame--I was even on live (community) TV! Whoo hoo!

It was nice meeting the five other artists (one was absent) and seeing our work blown up to utility box size (See and You Shall Find is 48" high and proportionally wide!). The resolution was pretty good and we were all impressed with Paul Fuelling's work at A Sign ASAP. Thanks to all the sponsors, which included both private citizens and businesses such as A Sign ASAP and Lifestyles Real Estate (represented by Paul Locatelli). I've asked for a list of the sponsors so I can properly thank them here, so there will probably be more names coming.

Also fun was seeing the members of the Arts Commission. The chairperson was the mother of the young girl who was involved in an accident at the original future location of my artwork, Whispering Pines and Mount Hermon Road. She told the story of what happened to her daughter, and how the painting Stop and Smell the Roses was a way art could have an effect on the world around us. Her daughter sat near the back of the room, and it was wonderful seeing her smile shyly as her mother told the story.

That said, my artwork is slated for Glen Canyon and Mount Hermon, not Lockewood and Mount Hermon as I was told earlier. There are utility boxes of some sort on each side of this intersection, so I'm not sure which direction (they're placed diagonally) my artwork will face (welcoming or waving bye-bye). The location might change again, who knows--but as soon as I do, I'll let y'all know, too.

The unveiling of the art on the actual boxes will happen later. I'll keep you updated here on my blog. They'll probably have another ceremony, then, too.

Did I tell you guys I wore my disco outfit to the ceremony? I went to a 70's party in January and dang it if I'm not going to wear that outfit as often as I can, it cost me a sweet penny! I looked quite groovy, I must say. I also had to glue one of my shoes together, too--the sole had been falling off for some time but after applying some Shoe Goo and holding it together with binder clips, my shoe was almost as good as new.

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