Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Update on awards ceremony and solo exhibit

Hi all,

I've been notified that the awards ceremony for the public arts commission I received back in December will be on March 7 at the Scotts Valley City Council Chambers. More details on my web site over the weekend. I believe it's going to be a brief ceremony, since it's right before the council meeting, which begins a half hour after the ceremony. (Now what am I going to wear? I thought about uniforming my army of supporters in shirts from Everyday Beauty...)

As for the show up at the University of California, Santa Cruz, we're still in the planning stages. I've been offered several exhibit spaces including the restaurant at Kresge College (my alma mater!), the Women's Studies Library, and a few other choice locations. I do love food so maybe it'll be the restaurant. Over a decade ago, I worked in that joint when I was a wee lit major (oh, how far I've strayed. Or have I?). It's since changed hands several times, but what the heck--it's still got incredible views of redwoods and is a social place. We'll see.

I think it'll be fun visiting UCSC again. It's been a few years, and we've both changed.

Take care,

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