Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sneakier Preview! Flying tangerines

Alright, this painting changed.

I seem to be venturing into surreal territory. Ever since that darn Floating Vase of Oriental Poppies with Fluttering Koi on Golden Pond painting.

Citrus probably originated in Asia, Southeast Asia according to some records. It has a long history of cultural significance in Asia, representing prosperity among other things. I think the recent Lunar New Year (not Chinese New Year, since other cultures, like Korean and Vietnamese, celebrate it, too) has had an influence on me, especially since this year I didn't spend it with my family.

The blossoms in this picture--they're like stars to me. I've also had the image of the new moon (Lunar New Year's Eve) and the first sliver of a moon with a star next to it, in my mind.

It all comes out somehow.

Here's to the exploration.

(Oh, and I would have listed this painting today had I not finished painting it in the evening, at the same time it started raining. Lost my opportunity to photograph in sunlight, which captures the colors much better than artificial lighting. It's supposed to rain for the rest of the week, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow. Thanks to those where watching for this painting, and remember, you can always contact me about a painting before it's been listed if you'd like to purchase it--I'll give you a nice discount for saving me the trouble of putting it up for auction!)


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