Friday, February 16, 2007

Sneak Preview! The waters

A little different than what I usually do--I've not painted a realistic face on this merman. I wanted something more universal, something caught on the periphery of imagination, not in its direct gaze.

The work went quickly on this (once my hands could take the strain of painting again) and I kept in mind what I had read recently about Monet being influenced by Japanese prints--which often had a dark foreground figure or object (like a tree) and a pale blue and pink background (like a distant landscape). This is yet another interpretation of that sort of aesthetic, mixed in with the themes I explore in painting mermen.

I've also been thinking about what it is that I do, and have been doing. I suppose it's part of my nature as an artist to do a bit of navel-gazing in the name of research--introspection does have its merits when you consider what artists can teach us about ourselves through the sharing of their personal explorations.

Anyway, I've had several professions (and still entertain a few now, just for the heck of it), and it seems two predominant focii I've had are communication and symbols. I don't think I'd be a code-breaker or code-talker, though, since I have very little patience for puzzles and riddles--but when it comes to getting a message across, or interpreting a sign, or translating something into an abstracted form such as art and poetry--I'm your man.

Some people would say that a healthy interest in symbols makes me the puzzle maker. Ah. Now that's funny.

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