Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sneak Preview! A merman's wish

A sketch for a possible merman painting.
It's funny. I had thought I was nearing the end of my Merman Series, but I plan for this to be the biggest one yet (maybe 24" x 30").
These paintings express so much and I guess that's why they're still necessary for me to create. As for what they express, I have my own ideas (which I duly share in my descriptions once I've listed a piece), but once you've seen my art, or anything in the world for that matter--it's yours. Wholly yours--to play with, think about, feel for or against; to analyze into bits and pieces and to synthesize into a spankin' new invention or concept.
Right. Insomnia has its limits, so before I start sounding completely incoherent, I'll sign off here and thank you kindly for your attention.
Goo' nigh',
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