Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sketch du Jour: Flower sketch

For fun, I've left some of my notes on the side of the page. I got into this habit from doing science illustration, where field notes were extremely important (I don't bother with weather conditions, barometer readings, etc. but I probably could).

Anyway, it's just a method of keeping track of things--how long it takes to make a sketch like this, when I made it, what I'm sketching, where, maybe even how I'm feeling that day or while I'm drawing (usually blissed out, even when I'm frustrated).

Had a rough day on my joints--overworked my hands yet again and twisted my ankle (yeah, yeah, I should watch where I step, but then who would be pointing out the clouds to people?).

I look forward to finishing the merman painting by tomorrow.

In other news, I heard about a "bidding war" for one of my paintings I donated to a charity auction to raise money for a local school district. I'm sure I was blushing when people came up to tell me how much they liked my painting, and I'm just glad my work was part of a group effort to support art and music education. (Thanks to the principal who spied my painting and had to have it, and of course to the other bidders and admirers! Y'all bring a great big smile to my face.)

If you're curious about the painting I donated, it's Floating Vase of Oriental Poppies with Fluttering Koi on Golden Pond.

With gratitude,

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